January 2020  |   Keith Graham, SVP Worldwide Sales

Why Certification for Huawei’s FusionInsight Big Data Platform Matters

WANdisco Fusion was recently certified for Huawei’s FusionInsight big data platform. This is big news for WANdisco, of course. It will bring Fusion to a whole new market – enabling high availability and active-active replication for any clients worldwide choosing Huawei’s FusionInsight big data...
December 2019  |   Paul-Scott Murphy

Three Big Data Migration Risks and Costs: WANdisco vs. Cloudera

Whether you are moving an on-premises Hadoop installation to the cloud, moving data between clouds, or moving data between cloud regions, your team is working to select the lowest cost and lowest risk migration approach.
October 2019  |   Daud Khan, VP Corporate Development

How to Build and Manage a Winning Team for Effective Data Migration

Cloud computing has become the preferred way to access and control computing resources and data. According to McAfee, 97% of organizations already use public or private cloud services — and not just for computing resources.
September 2019  |   David Richards, Co-founder & CEO, WANdisco

WANdisco LiveAnalytics and Databricks: Running Cloud-based Analytics While Ingesting Data from Hadoop On-premises

When we introduced LiveMigrator in June, our first customers were delighted. They were able to move petabytes of unstructured data in a single pass from on-premises data centers to the cloud without blocking. Their applications could continue to access data in on-premises environments, even as...
August 2019  |   Rani Hublou

3 Reasons to Avoid Manual Hadoop Migration to Cloud

Big data has found a natural home in the cloud. In the cloud, leading companies are taking full advantage of cheap, scalable storage and the flexibility that comes from powerful cloud analytic platforms. With such compelling advantages to migrating big data to the cloud, why is there business risk...
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