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Conquer the LiveData GAP

In a new era where every company is in the data business, success depends on putting exabytes of LiveData to work for the business.

This success is held back by the compromises and constraints of existing data structure. Just migrating your data to cloud is not enough.


The volume and complexity of data to run a business is growing exponentially, with greater geographical dispersion and regulation than ever. These exploding requirements, combined with stagnant budgets, are overwhelming IT departments and creating a LiveData Gap of data inconsistency, unused capacity and economic limitations that hold back the business.


WANdisco is aligned with the most demanding application environments

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Put all your data to work for the business

Operationalize your data

Data now drives competitive advantage

Put all your data to work with a shared logical pool using a unique patented technology that guarantees it’s always live, always protected and available with zero RTO/RPO and no single point of failure.

Transform your IT cost structure

Multiply the impact of your IT investment

Realize hyperscale economics as all resources are fully utilized as idle capacity is unlocked and your entire data infrastructure is actively leveraged to run your business.

Embrace continuous innovation

Future-proof your business

WANdisco fits with what you have today and what you want to use in the future. On-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud. Full data portability means you’re never locked in to where your data can live.

IT organizations need to be alert to the data protection needs of cloud-based applications and the data dependencies between them.

Forward thinking executives have figured it out

Fortune 50

Motor Vehicle Company


while moving massive continuously changing sets of vehicular data for driverless car initiative

Fortune 50



compute capacity fully deployed by reducing server hardware requirements by 50%

Global 50



planned outages while seamlessly upgrading key financial applications

Shift to a LiveData STRATEGY

Just migrating data to the cloud isn’t enough. Shift to a LiveData strategy, moving from a traditional tiered data infrastructure to an algorithmically driven approach to break through limitations and close the LiveData Gap.