23 Oct 2017 Chris Mellor, The Register

A week in WANdisco, Toshiba 'n' pals, plus storage-iest bits of Microsoft and mates

Dash of containers, drop of tape, soupcon of advanced RAM... perfect

Replicator WANdisco says its Fusion product is integrated with Microsoft Azure Data Box. Microsoft customers can use it and Azure Data Box to transfer information from Big Data applications to Azure without the downtime and cost usually involved in bulk data transfer over the network.


Users can continue to write to their local cluster while Azure Data Box is in transit and subsequently being uploaded, and replicate those changes to the Azure Cloud with guaranteed consistency once the upload is complete.


They can write data to a local HDFS-compatible endpoint on-premises and replicate to a storage location in Microsoft Azure with no modification or disruption to applications operating in Hadoop clusters on-premises.


Dean Paron, General Manager for Azure Data Box at Microsoft, said: "By using WANdisco Fusion for Microsoft Azure Data Box, customers can burst their big data processing needs to the Azure Cloud while maintaining on-premises consistency."


It's a multi-cloud world for WANdisco, and why not? ®