27 Sep 2016 Alexander J Martin, The Register

IBM, WanDisco, DataTorrent and pals sign Hadoop interoperability pact

ODPi boasts of big enterprise names joining scheme

The initiative created to standardise Apache Hadoop applications has netted a handful of large enterprise vendors that have committed to its interoperability programme.

The Open Data Platform initiative (ODPi) has announced that DataTorrent, IBM, Pivotal, SAS, Syncsort, WanDisco and Xavient have committed themselves to only providing applications and platforms which are interoperable with each other.

ODPi published its first runtime specification to establish the technical necessities of that interoperability back in May.

Although the initiative received a warm reception from Hortonworks, the other large Hadoop businesses, MapR and Cloudera, have both treated it with scepticism.

Hadoop creator and Cloudera man Doug Cutting told The Register he didn't regard the ODPi as worthy of praise. ODPi “is actually something which isn't part of the open source community; really, it's a separate foundation,” said Cutting.

Talking to The Register ahead of this announcement, the ODPi's John Mertic said that whatever questions were raised when the initiative first launched, the changes in its governance and direction have made it more likely than before that Cloudera and MapR might change their minds about refusing to be involved.

As of today, a dozen ODPi interoperable applications have been tested to successfully run on multiple runtime compliant platforms, and currently Altiscale, ArenaData, Hortonworks, IBM, and Infosys Apache Hadoop Platforms are compliant.

Additionally, ODPi announced today that version 2.0 of its runtime specification will add Apache Hive and Hadoop Compatible File System support.

While specification version 1.0 included Yarn, MapReduce and HDFS, the ODPi hopes that by including Hive in 2.0 - to read, write, and manage large datasets throughout distributed storage - the specification will reduce SQL query inconsistencies across Hadoop platforms.

Ritika Gunnar, IBM veep of Offering Management, Data and Analytics said: "ODPi is providing a common platform to develop big data apps, enabling interoperability across different distributions and application offerings. In that spirit, IBM is ensuring many of our Apache Hadoop related offerings are interoperable including IBM Big SQL, IBM SPSS Analytic Server, IBM Big Replicate, and others.

"By supporting interoperable applications, the value to clients of ODPi Compliant distributions is beingenhanced," added Gunnar. ®