07 Oct 2016 Alexandra Gee, WANdisco

WANdisco joins the party at Strata + Hadoop World New York 2016


This year’s conference served as confirmation that streaming real time analytics has moved firmly into the mainstream of data science as speakers, including White House chief data scientist DJ Patil, laid out their visions for where machine learning, analytics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and smart cities will be taking us in the near future.

WANdisco, with its Active Data Replication technology, is at the heart of this revolution as it enables transactional data to be moved and analyzed as it changes.

Our CEO, David Richards and CTO Jagane Sundar spoke to theCube on SiliconAngle about the importance of data consistency across locations and the reasons for the ubiquity of hybrid cloud.

This year we worked with identical triplets to illustrate how our Fusion technology gives our customers access to identical data anytime, all the time and anywhere with no downtime and no disruption. Our triplets walked around the conference, confusing many participants, who could have sworn they saw the same person just around the other corner! We wanted to show that with our technology, data, even if it is constantly changing, can be available in multiple locations at the same time.