WANdisco LiveMigrator and LiveAnalytics on Amazon Web Services

Automated replication from on-premises to cloud
For immediate, continuous, and accurate data access

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Move to AWS with ease and enable a hybrid AWS environment

WANdisco’s partnership with AWS helps you to migrate data to the cloud rapidly and easily, and exploit the power and capabilities of the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) environment.

WANdisco LiveMigrator and LiveAnalytics offer real-time replication of data between multiple sources and targets, for any data architecture. Even when data is spread across different locations and while data is being migrated, WANdisco guarantees consistency.

WANdisco LiveMigrator and LiveAnalytics on AWS clear your path to a hybrid architecture by continuously replicating data between on-premise and AWS S3 instances.

WANdisco and AWS

WANdisco LiveMigrator

Solves the problem of moving petabyte scale data to the cloud without stopping your business.

LiveMigrator on AWS

Migrate from Hadoop to AWS without disruption or downtime

LiveMigrator is a safe and reliable, on-premises to cloud migration tool. LiveMigrator offers One Pass data migration with guaranteed consistency. LiveMigrator is scalable for very large migrations, offers Zero disruption to operations, and is designed to maximise target ingest rate

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LiveAnalytics for Databricks Delta Lake on AWS

Addressing data lakes migration challenge

Combining WANdisco LiveAnalytics, Databricks and Delta Lake on AWS is a natural response to the challenges of migrating big data to the cloud. Databricks provides an elegant answer to this challenge by offering more capable technologies for applications and systems to operate against big data in the cloud. Delta Lake provides the storage and processing layer on top of cloud storage to support enterprise workloads across streaming and batch requirements to better manage data lakes at scale.

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WANdisco LiveAnalytics

A continuous replication solution from on-premises Hadoop analytics to Spark based cloud analytics with zero downtime and zero data loss.

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Simplify the hardest part of moving your data to the cloud.

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