WANdisco Fusion Platform

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Protect Your Investment

No downtime, no outages, and no risk with guaranteed near- zero RTO and RPO.

Transform Your IT Economics

Create a bedrock for performance by fully utilizing hardware previously reserved for backup and recovery.

Break through legacy constraints

Put all of your data to work for the business and innovate without worrying that your IT investments will be left behind.


A platform for any IT architecture

Geo-distributed data doesn’t need to slow down your digital transformation


“Computer science still says what we have done is impossible… but it’s not.”

Dr. Yeturu Aahlad, Chief Scientist, Inventor & Co-founder


What is DConE and how is it different?

WANdisco Fusion is powered by DConE, which is a high-performance, coordination engine able to work across wide-area networks. The technology uses distributed consensus to guarantee data consistency.


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Consistent data everywhere

Make your data globally accessible and consistent everywhere with a LiveData strategy. Alleviating the challenges of siloed data, a LiveData strategy ensures that enterprise data stays accurate, accessible, and consistent across your global IT environment. Every user and every application has always-available data, regardless of the distributed architecture–on premises, hybrid-cloud, multi-region, and multi-cloud.

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  • Productivity

    Developers work together across locations, using the same interface with their normal tooling with no requirement for additional training.

  • Always Available

    Automatic failover and recovery with no admin or additional third party backup and recovery solutions required.

  • Lower Cost Structure

    Reductions in development time, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage our multisite solutions pay for themselves.

  • Transparency

    With no change to Subversion, Git and Gerrit functionality, continue to use the tools you are familiar with.



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Shift to a LiveData STRATEGY

Just migrating data to the cloud isn’t enough. Shift to a LiveData strategy,
moving from a traditional tiered data infrastructure to an algorithmically driven approach to break through limitations and close the LiveData Gap.


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