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Always-on availability and performance

Continuous replication of selected data at scale for Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Big Data Cloud Service.

Always Available

Eliminate risks associated with cluster failure and exceed the most demanding SLAs with automatic recovery from system and network failures.

Always Accurate

Data is available in every environment where required and can be read and written to any site while remaining consistent across all.

Lower Cost Structure

Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture achieves optimal high availability at the lowest cost and complexity.

Easy and intuitive step-by-step operation

  • No significant administrator overhead for setup, monitoring, maintenance and disaster recovery
  • Can be deployed in environments running any mix of HCFS compatible distributions
  • No manual intervention required to handle out-of-sync conditions with guaranteed data consistency across clusters
  • Multi-data center Hadoop replication at any geographic distance with significantly low RPO and RTO
  • No need for scheduled backups outside of normal business hours due to resource contention with other applications
  • Prevents administrator error leading to data loss and extended downtime during disaster recovery
  • Clusters already in production scale-up with existing hardware for greater cost savings and ROI.

Maximum Availability Architecture
for Oracle BDA and BDCS

Deploy Oracle BDA and BDCS in environments running any mix of HCFS compatible distributions with a path for full cluster migration with no downtime and no data loss using WANdisco Fusion.

Creating remarkable resultsfor our customers

FINANCIAL SERVICES Meeting regulatory requirements with WANdisco Fusion®

A leading US business and consumer banking firm deployed our ground-breaking, patented technology with Oracle’s Big Data Appliance across multiple data centers.

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