LiveData Plane

Ensure data availability and consistency across distributed environments

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What is LiveData Plane?

The only wide area network LiveData replication technology.

WANdisco LiveData Plane provides active-active Hadoop data replication across multiple distributed and diverse IT environments regardless of geographic location, Hadoop distribution or cloud storage provider. LiveData Plane leverages WANdisco’s patented Distributed Coordination Engine to utilize consensus to ensure continuous availability and consistency of actively used data across any combination of Hadoop distributions and cloud storage.

LiveData Plane enables:

  • LiveData with guaranteed data consistency.
  • Support for any number of clusters at any distance.
  • Selective data and metadata replication.
  • Near zero RTO/RPO.

Ideal for Hybrid and
Multi Cloud Environments

LiveData Plane works in conjunction with Data Migrator to establish an active-active data plane consistency between an enterprise’s Big Data Hadoop environment located on-premises and their cloud environment. Data Migrator performs the initial migration and LiveData Plane ensures that any subsequent changes (creates, updates, and deletes) can occur in either environment and be immediately captured and synchronized to the other. This enables enterprises to establish and maintain hybrid cloud environments where they can continue to maintain and utilize their on-premises assets while they divert new investments into cloud-native solutions or for cloud bursting scenarios when additional capacity is required to augment their on-premises workloads.

Not only is LiveData Plane ideal for hybrid cloud use cases, it is similarly well suited for multi cloud scenarios since its LiveData capabilities enable consistent data replication across any number of environments, located in any geography, and across any cloud provider.

Business Benefits

Business continuity in a distributed environment

A new approach to large scale data replication ensures data consistency and availability, even during large scale data migrations / cloud migrations

Global data resiliency

Continuous replication prevents data disasters.

Always available data

Users and applications can access and change data from any location.

Improved application performance

Eliminates latency, points of failure, and availability challenges associated with geo-distributed data regardless of distance.

Ability to meet strict data SLAs

Near-zero RPO/RTO removes data gaps inherent with point-in-time backups or snapshots, and enables a long-term strategy for meeting regulation compliance requirements.

Reduced data gravity challenges

Avoids cloud vendor lock-in and simplifies management of multiple cloud storage providers.


Eliminates the need for administrators to respond to system level failures with automated recovery.

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