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Our Subversion Consulting Services deliver maximum value by focusing on the specific requirements of your Subversion implementation and the skill levels of your staff. Consulting services can be combined with our standard training classes or training tailored to your specific environment.


The Migration and Deployment Planning Service is designed to assess your migration requirements, define what data can and should be migrated, and plan the migration and roll-out process.

Our consultants will also assist with mapping existing development processes to Subversion and explain how your legacy version control system’s functionality relates to Subversion’s capabilities.

This will give you a migration plan document specific to your environment..

We recommend courses from our Developer and Administrator training tracks as a prerequisite. You also have the option of private on-site training using our standard course materials, or customized training in conjunction with this service.


The Go-live Support Service is an add-on to the Migration and Deployment Planning Service and is designed to ensure a smooth rollout. It is available in two formats:

  • Remote on-call support with web access to the customer’s Subversion servers
  • On site support

The length of this engagement will vary depending upon your environment.


The Implementation Health Check Service provides a full audit of your Subversion implementation to identify existing and potential performance bottlenecks and security flaws. The Implementation Health Check Service covers:

  • Hardware and Software Configuration
  • Network configuration
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • Replication
  • Log review
  • Usage trend analysis
  • Access control and security
  • Hook scripts
  • External tools and scripts (including build and test tools)

The deliverable from this service is a report outlining our recommendations for changes to your hardware, software, and network configuration, as well as proactive monitoring and administration procedures that allow you to respond before problems arise.

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